02/29/20 – Scott DuBose

Saturday, February 29th, 2020
Scott DuBose
Starting at 10pm

Scott DuBose
Scott DuBose

“This is not your father’s Country Music, This is Ranch Rock!”
The road has always been an Inspiration to musicians and Scott DuBose has learned a whole lot out on the road! “I love the road; it’s always been my solace.” It seems that he’s always been on the road. As a child Scott spent a lot of time between Chicago and Southern Mississippi. Scott’s Father was from just south of Hattiesburg Mississippi, and his mother was from the south side of Chicago. “It was great having parents from such diverse backgrounds. It really gave me an appreciation for city and country life” Scott’s father was born in a log cabin on a road named after his family. “My father came from a dirt poor, dirt floor household. He really had nothing growing up and I am eternally thankful for all the gifts he gave me when was a child.”

His parents always had music playing throughout the house! His father was “more than a little bit country” and his mother was most certainly “Rock and Roll”. “I grew up with a pretty wild mix of music! Merle Haggard to AC/DC and everything in between!”

Scott grew up on the Southside of Chicago. During high school he began working at a legendary Southside honky tonk, Lake-n-park inn. Legend has it that Lake-n-park was the inspiration for “Bob’s country bunker” in the movie “The Blues Brothers” He began to cut his teeth at the age of sixteen as a bar back (and occasional bouncer) and for him it couldn’t have been a better fit. “I loved the music and the atmosphere! I really felt at home” The house band became his inspiration. “Breakaway showed me what it was like to give the audience 110% EVERY night” Breakaway played the hits of the day and had a hit on Chicago country radio with their song “Angel on my shoulder”.

Scott began his professional stage career as an actor after he attended the Second City Training Center. He acted in a number of productions in Chicago, most notably “Working” by Studs Turkle. While performing theater in Chicago, Scott started his band “The 101 Ranch”. He was doing shows and then running across town to do shows with his band. “It really came down to what I truly loved. I left theater because country music is what was in my heart.” It was a risky move. At that time in Chicago, country music was a hard sell. Scott persevered and found success. He has shared the bill with some of the biggest names in country music like  Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels, Gretchen Wilson, Keith Anderson, and Blackhawk just to name a few. “The fans have made what I do a reality. Without them I’d be nothing. I can’t thank them enough! They are the reason I do what I do!”

Old Crow Smokehouse - Wrigleyville

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